CruzTOOLS® Releases RoadTech™ Tool Kit for Indian Motorcycles

Seattle, WA — (February 27th, 2020) After 20 years of providing tool kits for Harley Davidson motorcycles, CruzTOOLS has set its sights on serving customers with Indian Motorcycles. The company has developed a new RoadTech™ tool kit that is purpose-built for roadside repairs and adjustments on Indian Motorcycles. The kit contains the right tools in exactly the right sizes to provide the functionality needed in a travel tool kit for Chief, Chieftan, Roadmaster and Scout models. 

The kit includes a pair of 27mm axle wrenches for removing rear wheels and a 14mm x 16mm hex axle adapter for removing front axles. Having suspension adjusted properly can improve handling and rider comfort and this kit includes a shock adjustment tool for setting preload to the right level. The RoadTech kit contains just the right sizes of wrenches, sockets, hex and torx keys required on Indian Motorcycles keeping it lightweight and compact for storing on the bike. Whether riders are taking a day trip or touring the country, the RoadTech kit provides the tools needed to keep the ride rolling. All CruzTOOLS are professional-grade and feature a ‘no questions asked’ lifetime guarantee. 

RTIN2 – $129.95

“The pair of 27mm axle wrenches are just right for removing the rear axle and the new axle hex adapter works for removing front axles on a wide range Indian Motorcycles. Like all CruzTOOLS products, this kit features a lifetime warranty – no questions asked”

      -Matt Willson, Product Development, CruzTOOLS

Details and specs:

∙ Complete travel tool kit for road-side repairs & adjustments on Indian Motorcycles

∙ Two 27mm rear axle wrenches and 14 x 16mm front axle hex adapter for wheel removal

∙ Shock tool for adjusting pre-load ∙ Three sizes of combination wrenches, and an 8” adjustable wrench

∙ Mini ratchet with 2” extension and four sockets

∙ 5 torx keys, 5 hex keys, 6-in-1 screwdriver, locking pliers

∙ Duct tape, cable ties, mechanics wire, and tire pressure gauge

∙ Tools stay organized in durable roll-up pouch∙ Professional grade quality and (no questions asked) lifetime guarantee