Where to Buy

CruzTOOLS products are available from Powersports dealers and distributors worldwide. If not available locally, ask your favorite dealer to carry them (see the list of authorized distributors they can order from below). You can also order direct, but please give your business to any local dealer who has earned it.

You can also get our products from major national retailers, including Touratech USA, Dennis Kirk, J&P Cycles, and Revzilla.

We're open Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm Pacific Standard time, and accept major credit cards.  Washington and Connecticut customers will be charged sales tax.

If you have any problems getting our products, please let us know.


Our products widely available on the web, but we know the following dealers have a long-standing history of excellent service:


If you're a dealer, you probably already have an account with one of our distributors so getting CruzTOOLS products is very easy. If you have any trouble finding a specific CruzTOOLS item, send us an email or call 1 (206) 812-8696 advising of your preferred distributor(s) and the desired item(s); we'll respond with their part number(s). Our authorized distibutors: