CruzTOOLS® Releases a new RoadTech™ Tool Kit for 2019 and newer BMW Motorcycles

Seattle, WA — (May28th, 2020)  BMW has made significant changes to its 2019 and newer motorcycles which has altered the tool requirements for road-side repairs and adjustments. The product development team at CruzTOOLS has responded by formulating a new RoadTech™ kit to include a 34mm axle wrench and a four-stage hex axle adapter with 10mm, 12mm, 19mm, & 22mm sizes in one compact tool. This new kit also includes 6 torx keys, 5 hex keys, 4 metric wrenches, and a mini ratchet with 2” extension & sockets. The kit is rounded out with a 6-in-1 screwdriver, locking pliers, adjustable wrench, cable ties, mechanics wire, duct tape, thread locker, and a tire gauge. The tools all stay organized in a heavy-duty roll-up pouch. 

“The 34mm axle wrench is perfect for removing the wheel on an F850GS and the new 4-stage axle adapter works for removing axles on a wide range of BMWs including the new R1250GS and F850GS. Like all CruzTOOLS, this kit features a lifetime warranty – no questions asked”

      -Iain Glynn, Product Development, CruzTOOLS

Details and specs:

RoadTech B2 Tool Kit for BMW Motorcycles 2019-on

• Complete travel tool kit for road-side repairs & adjustments
• 34mm rear axle wrench and 10 x 12 x 19 x 22mm hex adapter for BMW axles & drain plugs
• Four combination wrenches, and an 8” adjustable wrench
• Mini ratchet with 2” extension and four sockets
• 6 torx keys, 5 hex keys, 6-in-1 screwdriver, locking pliers
• Duct tape, thread-locker, cable ties, mechanics wire, and tire pressure gauge
• Organized in durable roll-up pouch
• Lifetime warranty (no questions asked)

Part Number: RTB2, Retail: $129.95