"You’ve created a strong brand loyalty to CruzTools in me!"
-John H., May 2016"

"You're making awesome products over there!"
-Jake M., March 2016"

"I want to say I love my cruztools kit. It has come in handy multiple times on rides. At least twice a month I'm pulling it out for guys to use it"
-Mike F., November 2015"

"Thanks again for an excellent set of tools"
-Jason W., September 2015"

"I've been very happy with those bits, and love the quick warranty claim!! I wish half the companies I deal with could respond to an email that quickly. I'll be sure to buy more tools from you in the future."
-Patrick H., August 2015"

"Thanks again for your service, I'm a lifelong CRUZTOOLS fan !!!"
-Jur B., August 2015"

"I love your tool kit and have had to use it multiple times when riding in a group since it is more complete than most kits and has everything you need"
-RJ M., May 2015"

"Cruz Tools make excellent products and the company certainly has the customer service to match"
-Raymond R., March 2015"

"I just received the Drum Multi-Tool GTDMT1 as a gift from my sweet wife and I love it"
-Rikki C., March 2015"

"I will definitely mention my experience with your company to my riding companions and other associates"
-Daniel M., February 2015"

"Thanks again for the understanding and exceptional customer service and support."
-Kevin H., February 2015"

"It is really great to find a company that stands behind their product and gives great customer service."
-Steve B., August 2014"

"Just wanted you to know I use your guitar tool and it’s awesome!"
-Rich K., August 2014"

"I will make sure I tell my friends of the excellent service I have received from you folks!"
-Gill G., August 2014"

"I will buy more tools from Cruz for sure."
-Thomas A., May 2014"

"Will rave about your company."
-Robert A., March 2014"

"Will recommend your products to all my guitar-playing friends!"
-Kristoffer A., February 2014"

"I love your tool packs and have been using them for years.."
-Greg G., February 2014"

"I am very impressed with your company's customer service."
-Gary F., January 2014"

"I appreciate the awesome customer service.  I will continue to praise your tools to everyone I ride with."
-Frank C., August 2013"

"I am seriously impressed with the quality and thought that has gone into these tools, they are perfect for fixing, maintaining and working on the bike. Thank you once again for some great tools and superb customer service."
-Steve J., August 2013"

"Love your tool kit!."
-Don C., August 2013"

"I've got a DMX2 kit mounted on my Husky TE610, and love, love, love this product. The kit is outstanding in durability and thoughtful tool content"
-David W., June 2013"

"How can your company be this good? Man, that is above and beyond the call of duty"
-Ian M., May 2013"

"Thanks to you and the Cruz Tools Team for making theses wonderful kits."
-Joe C., April 2013"

"Love your product and beats anything out there including the Harley manufacturer kit."
-Clay G., February 2013"

"I used the tools this past weekend and everything works great. It's the perfect tool kit to keep my basses in top adjustment."
-Jim A., February 2013

"I bought one of your Cheater screwdrivers at NAMM this year, luv it"
-Tracy L., February 2012

"Just a note to say hi and that we're delighted to have found Cruz tools for guitar. Very pleased so far with the quality." -Jonathan L., January 2013

"I am a loyal customer now and plan to buy more from you."
-Robert L., December 2012

"I use this tool kit daily, one of my best buys..."
-Harry M., December 2012

"Thank You for making a great product"
-Craig M., December 2012

"Received the BMW motorcycle kit for Christmas from my son. The kit is way more than what used to come with a Beemer. Thanks Cruztools for making an excellent tool kit."
-Mike G., December 2012

"I purchased a kit for the BMW which is terrific."
-Steve J., November 2012

"The kit is amazing. I use it constantly when I'm on the road. It's exactly what us guitarists need to survive."
-Matt L., October 2012

"I own one of your Guitar Player Tech Kits, several of your String Cutters and Multi-Tools and just bought one of the Jack and Pot Wrenches. These are the BEST tools for musicians and the quality of your tools is AWESOME!!"
-Colin L., October 2012

"I have a Cruztools Roadtech H3 for my Harley touring bike and I love it. It has saved me time and aggravation more than once."
-Mark E., Octoberber 2012

"I owe you a big and warm THANK YOU! because 2 years ago you were the one who convinced me to start setting up my basses myself after I viewed your video on Bass Player."
-Francois P., August 2012

"I'm a big CruzTOOL fan, and have separate sets of tool and electrical kits on each of my 3 bikes, ready to go, all the time, and I actually use them in the garage, too!"
-George D., July 2012

"I've had the Groove tech guitar tool for a couple of years now. Just wanted to let you know that I love it and think its a great product."
-Danny V., June 2012

"I can't tell you how many times my "little red tear drop bag" has saved the day for me, or others that I have helped along the way."
-Richard M., April 2012

"It's nice to see some companies still care about customer service."
-Ryan L., March 2012

"The kit really is a great kit, I love having everything handy whenever I'm setting my guitars up. This is what I recommend to everyone that is looking for a kit."
-Evan L., February 2012

"I have one of your BMW kits and they are just fantastic."
-Erwin E., February 2012

"I am the proud owner of one of your GrooveTech guitar player toolkits (which has saved me on numerous occasions) and it has become a must in my gear I take to a gig."
-Ryan R., February 2012

"Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you that I just bought the GTSC1 string cutter and it is absolutely the best!"
-Mike W., January 2012

"Long story short I dumped my bike and the chain popped off, it quickly became apparent the tool kit that came with the bike was subpar. After reading only positive I asked my family for some CruzTOOLs for the holidays, my father-in-law came through... but he got the Harley set. I contacted support and they were extremely polite and quick to respond. I now have an awesome metric set that I hope to never use while riding, but I am happy to know I have proper tools if something happens!"
-Andrew V., January 2012

"Two days ago I received my Cruztools' Toolset that i got from Musician's friend.  I was amazed about the quality of this toolset"
-Manual S., October 2011

"You do make the best tool kits in the industry.."
-Herb C., October 2011

"Can I start by saying what a pleasure it is in this day and age to get a rapid, relevant, individual and articulate response to an email!"
-Andy T., August 2011

"I am impressed by your customer service!"
-Carl H., August 2011

"On two separate occasions the H3 kit saved me from being stuck on the road."
-Mike W., July 2011

"I have found the tools are very well made and they have worked great in the garage and in the boonies! I have recommended them to others, as a good system."
-Michael W., July 2011

"I received the wrenches in excellent condition. The wrench are fantastic. Excellent."
-Diego C., June 2011

"I have an M1 kit which although yet to be used is excellent quality."
-Mark B., June 2011

"I purchased my HD Econo kit as soon as I bought my Harley. Anytime I do wrenching this sweet kit gets rolled out. So few tools in the kit, however they are the ones that are needed to get almost any job done whether emergency or just maintence."
-Brian K., April 2011

"I purchased a set of Power Drive sliding T-Sockets some years ago, and I LOVE them!"
-Rocky J., March 2011

"Thanks for offering a great product in the Roadtech B1."
-Joe C., November 2010

"Its comforting to know the tools are behind me if I need them"
-Bradford S., November 2010

"I just wanted to write to let you know I love my M3 tool kit...service was outstanding"
-Jorge G., November 2010

"I'm very impressed with the quality of the tools"
-Barrett S., October 2010

"I have to say that your wire cutters you sent to me are AMAZING!!"
-Dave F., September 2010

"I love the products by the way. Good quality for the price, well thought out packs...especially for those of us that wouldn't even know what to do with more tools!"
-Cord, August 2010

"The toolkit was pressed into duty though helping a rider out in Monument Valley Utah when one of his oil cooler lines let go on his Road King.  The wire and vice grips saved the day there."
-J.J. P., July 2010

"Great tools!"
-George F., July 2010

"The tools have paid for themselves already - saved my chain in a remote part of Thailand just last week"
-Simon B., June 2010

"I have one of your EconoKIT H1 tools sets that I can NOT live without."
-Jon V., June 2010

"It's great see companies stand behind their products!!!"
-Dennis M., June 2010

"Awesome, thanks for such great customer care!...I love the kit!"
-Taylor M., June 2010

"I purchased the Road Tech Tool Kit...an excellent kit"
-Micheal E., May 2010

"You have a great product."
-Kirk K., May 2010

"Thank you very much for a great customer relations experience!"
-Jordan H., May 2010

"I had already recommended your products to friends that have seen my tool kit and your action ensures that I will continue to do so."
-David M., May 2010

"Picked up one of your Cruz Tools Bass sets at NAMM 2010. I have been on tour with it ever since!"
-E. P., April 2010

"On the recommendation of my buddy, I picked up the Guitar Tech Kit. I am so pleased with the purchase I wanted to drop you a line. Before making this purchase, my “tool kit” was a mix of this and that as well as some here some over there. The quality of the tools are quite impressive and I’m able to keep your entire kit in my gig bag. I couldn’t really ask for more."
-Kenneth D., March 2010

"I recently received the Groove Tech guitar player tech kit as a holiday gift.  I am very impressed by the quality of these tools! I have refrained from attempting to set up any of my guitars because I did not have the right tools-well, now I do!"
-Andrew O., December 2009

"Your outstanding customer service really makes it mark!"
-Paul G., December 2009

"Thanks for your help. It is refreshing to get a response so fast!! I will be buying more tool kits from you for my other new toys I just bought."
-Tom H., December 2009

"You guys have all my tool business. Great customer service!"
-Joey R., December 2009

"I was very impressed with the quality of the tools and the case...I will definitely order more tools from your company. Nothing beats quality tools and great customer service!"
-Gary D., August 2009

"Thanks for the great service."
-Len H., August 2009

"I just purchased a Cruz DMX Fender Mount Tool Kit and I love it!"
-Pete M., July 2009

"Thank you for the prompt, and great customer support."
-Calvin B., July 2009

"I have your 13mm T-handle socket. It's great and very well built!"
-Greg N., July 2009

"Thanks for the very fast service!"
-Albie E., June 2009

"I purchased one of your enduro tool kits a while ago, I love it, always make sure I take it on every ride."
-Steve T., May 2009

"Hi, just a quick line to say how impressed that I am with my recently purchased 'Roadtech' toolkit. A brilliant product worth every penny."
-Stuart J., May 2009

"I ride Harleys, and have always carried your H-3 tool kits in my saddle bags. I have used my kits to remedy several roadside break-downs, usually on my friends scooters. They are always impressed w/the H-3, and especially glad to get rolling again"
-Craig F., May 2009

"Really love this multitool!!! You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Tom S., April 2009

"Nice tool kit!"
-Ray P., April 2009

"I am not making this up. At a very cool surprise birthday party, I was given a CruzTools Groovetech tool set (GTGTR1). I had mentioned it months ago when recommending guitar mechanic tools to someone who was asking. I had seen a product mention in a guitar magazine, a very nice review of the kit, featured in a back page article about cool guitar stuff. After the party, I went home with a guitar someone had brought to the party in hopes of having it restrung and set up properly. Since then, two weeks now, I have set up three other guitars, brought to me by various referrals for no other reason than I can now tweak guitars successfully by virtue of having this kit. I can only hope to express what a great tool this is for anyone who owns and plays guitars, at any skill level, with only an average mechanical ability and the usual practical sense that guitar players have. Well, maybe a little more sense than that. Thank you for this quality product. These days many of us are looking for a great buy for the money and need the assurance of a company standing behind it's products. I will be getting the word out and getting this tool kit out for as long as I have guitars to fix. Best of luck."
-Scott D., April 2009

"Thank You for the prompt service. You guys are the Best!!!"
-John F., June 2009

"Your customer service is remarkable. I am very impressed with your response. You have just earned a loyal customer."
-Barry A., March 2009

"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I received a Roadtech B-1 today and am very pleased. I've been watching for you guys to do a BMW kit, and ordered one as soon as I saw it. It's really well done."
-Kevin R., February 2009

"Thanks again for the for the great customer service."
-Rich S., January 2009

"WOW talk about service."
-Michael S., January 2009

"Love my tool kit!! It has saved me and my too cool to carry tool buddies - thanks."
-Sergio H., December 2008

"I think Cruztools make the best tool kits. Mine has saved me more than once. The best thing is that they are good, dependable tools."
-Rod B., December 2008

"You have a customer for life. I had already shown several people the tire gauge in the past and told them where it came from. Now I can brag about your customer service also."
-Jerry B., December 2008

"I show everyone my tool kit you guys seem to have the best one on the market."
-Zach R., November 2008

"I want to compliment you on both your tool, and your service."
-Dennis M., November 2008

"I bought one of your EKM1 (metric) kits over a year ago and for the most part it has sat unused in my saddlebag. Today my buddies and I were traveling back to Phoenix from Prescott when one guy started having problems. We stopped for gas and realized that his clutch cable was quickly fraying. To make a long story short we found a dealer who had the part, and with my tool kit we we able to install and adjust the cable and everyone made it safely home. My tool kit came in very handy and was up for the task."
-Scott S., June 2008

"...most impressed with your standard of customer service"
-Julia M., June 2008

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you I love the MX off road tool kit and multi-tool. My girlfriend just bought me a couple Cruz Tool sets before I was deployed to Iraq and they are perfect."
-GySgt Kevin C., May 2008

"You guys have great customer service. i will always talk positively about cruz tools."
-John W., May 2008

"I continue to be a Cruztools fan. Others in our riding group have your tool kits also"
-Robert S., August 2007

"I just bought the MiniSet and the M1 Toolkit.  These are not just emergency tools for under the seat, these are the tools I WANT to use in the garage for regular maintenance!  Just what I need, high quality, and without having to drag out a hundred-piece set just to use a few. Bravo!"
-Marty G., April 2007

"The tools are as good of quality as the craftsmen tools i keep at home for working on my vehicles, if not better...HOT product, AWESOME price for those on a budget, and even more awesome quality, very well thought out for the serious motocrosser and endurance racer alike"
-Ivanov M., January 2007

"I will let all my mates and our motor bike club know what a great firm cruztools is."
-Bryan B., December 2006

"Hi, I am a superbike racer from Ontario, Canada. I have been using your tools for the past two years now. I have tried other companies tools before changing to your companies. My crew always seemed to have problems with the reliability, durability and most of all performance in the tools that they were using. That's why I changed to Cruz Tools. "
-Edward N., November 2006

"Every time I get in a conversation with other "bikers" your company (and customer service) will receive my strongest endorsement and praise."
-Steven M., October 2006

"Your tools are excellent, as is your customer service."
-Phil R., October 2006

"Thank you for producing quality affordable tools!"
-Brian A., June 2006

"I've just received my Cruztools Econokit M1, purchased from Motorrad here in the UK. What can I say - It's a FANTASTIC piece of kit! I recently purchased a Honda ST1100 touring motorcycle, which didn't have the OEM toolkit with it. After doing some research on the web for a replacement toolkit I opted for the M1. It was a wise decision!  The tool quality is exceptional value for money and the choice of tools/sizes is perfect. Thanks once again"
-Giles H., May 2006

"I knew you guys had a good reputation, and your response indicates it is justified."
-Phil B., March 2006

"Thank you for being the good company you are. You build quality product and don't take shortcuts."
-Joel P., June 2005

"I recently purchased a DMX Fanny Pack from one of your online distributors.  It is indeed a very nice kit and everything your website advertises it to be."
-Terry R., April 2005

"You are wonderful to do business with and your product is outstanding."
-Jim L., February 2005

"Glad to see Cruz Tools standing behind their products.  It simply means I will buy more of your tools and tell all my motorcycle buddies about the great products you have."
-Garrett P., January 2005

"I just had to use my new tool kit for the first time the other day and I have never been so pleased with a tool set until now."
-Zach P., October 2004

"You have a great product & Excellent Support!"
-Howard G., November 2003

"Thank you for the excellent service and attention to detail"
-Jeremy N., January 2003

"It has been a pleasant experience dealing with you and your company."
-Leland B., April 2002

"I only wish more people stood behind their products like you did."
-Rich R., January 2002

"Just wanted to tell you "Thank You" for getting my order off to my son. He received the powerdrive sliding T-wrench set and was very pleased! Said the tools are really too nice to use -- like little works of art. Thanks so much."
-Pat D., November 2001

"Thank you very much. Please know that I will tell everyone I know about the exceptional customer service your company provides!!!"
-John W., September 2001

"First, thanks for making a great product! I've been using Cruz Tools on my & my wifes Harleys & friends bikes for years-a blown tire, electrical problems, quick fix on saddlebags, mirrors, many, many zip ties, tubes of Loctite etc. Recently I bought a Titan was stranded by a coil fire. Cruz tools helped bail me out and within two hours I was back on the road.
-Jason D., July 2001

"Thank you for the great service and having a great product."
-Bruce H., November 2000

"My friend was right about you guys - good customer service!"
-Dave H., November 2000

"As a professional machinist, I'm really impressed with your tool kits, but even more so with your customer service."
-Michael W., October 1999

"Thank you very much for dispatching the above tool kit. My husband is highly delighted with it and has retired to the shed and I may never see him again!!!"
-Jane H., July 1999

"Finally a kit that doesn't take up a butt load of room but still contains the essentials. Thanks for that."
-Shelby C., September 1998

"My friend...broke down twice on the way to Reno, and he did not have so much as a screwdriver or hairpin with him. Cruz Tools put him back on the road - twice."
-Kay C., August 1998

"Just wanted to thank you again for ensuring that Scott had tools for his trip to Sturgis. He said what you did was 'above and beyond' and was impressed and grateful for the service you provided...Thank you for the exceptional service you provided."
-Lisa C., August 1997

"It's been a long time since I received any 'customer service' worth a damn and I thought it note worthy. Thanks for brightening my day."
-Donna W., September 1996