CruzTOOLS Sliding T-Driver Set

Our PowerDrive Sliding T-handle combo features a 3/8” drive tip and set of eight sockets that should take care of just about any operation. Includes: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 17mm sockets; 5 and 6mm hex bits; and a #2 Phillips screwdriver bit, all on a socket clip that attaches to the driver. Since the driver has a standard 3/8” drive tip, it opens up your entire tool box to T-handle usage. The T-driver is about 12” long, and the set includes a rugged vinyl pouch. TSDS38


CruzTOOLS 1/4" Drive Sliding T-Driver

T-handles are extremely useful for all sorts of applications. And they’re even more functional if your existing sockets can be used. Enter the newest and favorite member of our family, which has a standard 1/4” drive tip. At about 7”, it can be easily carried on your bike and likely to become a staple in your tool box as well. Like our other PowerDrive T-handles, the mini driver has our unique sliding “T” feature and a polished chrome finish. A great companion to our MSM1 MiniSet tool kit. MTD14


PackWrench 3-Way Wrench

Many metric vehicles can almost be stripped and rebuilt with only three sizes: 8, 10, and 12mm. The PackWrench provides these three socket sizes in a T-style wrench that’s small enough (about 5.5” long) to fit into a fannypack, tankbag, or under your seat. It’s so handy that it’ll become one of your favorite tools in the garage, too. PW1