Safety Wire Pliers

Safety Wire Pliers, or "SWIPES," are a staple in any technician's tool box. They make the installation of safety wire - especially the twisting operation - quick and easy. A first glance, all SWIPES may appear equal, but a close inspection will reveal significant differences that separate pro-quality pliers from the rest. The SWP8 rival the best available SWIPES in detail and quality, but are priced for every tool box. Now you can twist with confidence, and without breaking the bank! SWP8


MaxHook Spring Hook

Springs can be a testy bunch to handle. You may need to push, pull, twist, or otherwise contort to get it on or off the bike. Our second-generation spring hook is up to any task you put it to. The tip is precision cut using heat-treated carbon steel, while the PVC-coated T-handle allows you to put as much muscle into the job as needed. SH2


Stainless Shock Spanner

Proper adjustment of shock “sag” can have a substantial impact on handling and comfort, yet few riders ever make the adjustment. It’s quite simple and quick, but you’ll need a shock spanner to set preload. Our spanner is made of tough stainless steel, and is compact enough to fit inside your tool kit. It’s designed to fit most major makes of shock absorbers. SPAN1


The Pouch Roll-Up Pouch

A very rugged roll-up pouch constructed of Ballistic nylon, with eighteen pockets of varying width at two heights to accommodate a wide range of contents. Two lower pockets have a mesh cover to hold small or loose items in place. A strip of reflective material is sewn into the back in case you’re stuck on the road at night. About 9.5” high by 16” wide when open. TPOUCH1


Euro Bike Star Key Set

Some European bike makers have embraced star fasteners, but neglected to include wrenches in their tool kits. We’ve rectified the problem with this six-piece set that includes T20, T25, T30, T40, T45, and T50 sizes. The keys are made using heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy with precision tips, and nickel plated. TRX2