RoadTech TR2
for Triumphs

Triumph motorcycles range from high-performance to classic, and everything in-between. Despite this broad offering, they all share a generally common fastener set with unique requirements. We've thoroughly researched those needs and developed the RoadTech RTTR2. Included are the typical RoadTech fare - but only the sizes needed - plus a special combo axle wrench and adapter to handle most front and rear axles. Everything is pro-grade and nicely organized in a reinforced rool-up pouch. RTTR2


RoadTech KT1
for KTMs

KTM's have fastener sets as unique as their motorcycles, so we developed a tool kit specifically for the iconic brand. While extra attention was paid to Adventure and Duke models, all KTM's are covered with focus on addressing both on and off road needs as well as basic service. Included are our standard tool kit items, but only the sizes you'll need including combination wrenches, locking pliers, 6-in-1 screwdriver, hex and star wrenches, and much more. A special 27mm x 32mm combo wrench fits most rear and many front axles. And our way-cool ratchet is likely to be the envy of your riding buddies. Tools are pro-grade and lifetime guaranteed - you won't find any substandard content here - and organized into a tough roll-up pouch. RTKT1



SPEEDKIT DMX for Offroad Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs

It may be fair to say that offroad vehicles suffer the most abuse, which makes a good case for carrying a comprehensive selection of quality tools. The new SPEEDKIT DMX provides the essence of its bigger DMX siblings, but condensed to the format of our SPEEDKIT series. Contents have been fine-tuned to the primary needs of offroad vehicles, and perfectly complemented by a camo-pattern pouch for that woodsy look. The result is an extremely compact and affordable tool kit that meets the CruzTOOLS standard of absolute dependability. SKDMX



Who said tool kits needed to be bulky? Our SPEEDKIT provides unprecedented capability in an ultra-compact 7" x 2" x 2" pouch. They'll fit into most OEM tool cavities, but with more content and technician-grade tools. Included are wrenches, hex keys, a 5/8" x 18mm spark plug socket, pliers, tire gauge, and more - all housed in a sturdy zip-up pouch. The SKJAS is applicable to all Japanese motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. SKJAS



European motorcycles, despite their typically taller price tags, have not been spared of "cheap tool kit" syndrome. Not to worry - there's a SPEEDKIT for you. The SKEU packs the same muscle as the SKJAS, but with a slightly different wrench set to match European metric size standards. It will fit into most OEM tool cavities and provides dependable quality and surprising capability. SKEU


RoadTech B1
for BMW Motorcycles

BMW motorcycles are legendary for innovation, which often results in non-standard fasteners. Female star fasteners are commonplace, and some models even use rare male star screws. Add unique traditional wrench and hex key size requirements, and it becomes clear that a special tool kit is called for. We addressed these needs with the RoadTech B1, which packs pro-grade tools and other roadside items into a sturdy roll-up pouch. RTB1

Our accessory Rear Wheel Star Wrench is recommended for single-sided swingarm wheel removal.


RoadTech M3

Ride a metric cruiser? Then check out the RoadTech M3. It’s essentially an EconoKIT M1 and MiniSet MSM1 combined into a handy roll-up pouch. While the M3 is aimed at cruisers, it’s equally at home on tourers, sport bikes, standards, and quads. Put this in your fork bag, tank bag, or saddlebag and you’ll be ready for just about anything the road will throw at you. RTM3


New camo shell!

We did our homework, and put together the ultimate off-road tool kit. Complementing the long list of tools and other items (see link at top of page for complete details) is a stout and functional pouch using a super-tough shell, top grade hardware and zippers, plenty of storage – including a unique mesh cash and document pocket – and key clip. With the DMX, you’re ready to roll! DMX1



New camo shell!

Everyone loves our DMX1 Fanny Pack Tool Kit. Well, almost everyone, because some riders just don’t want to wear a fanny pack. We heard you loud and clear, and put together the ultimate fender-mounted tool kit. It’s essentially the same contents as the DMX1, except we substituted our personal favorite Mini T-driver and socket set for the PackWrench. Includes fender mount and rain fly. Not reccommended for competition or aggressive riders. DMX2 Spare Mounting Pad PADDMX



What do you get when you combine a precision 48-tooth ratchet with extension and eight-piece socket set? The MiniSet, that’s what! Containing the most common metric sizes - including hex and Phillips bits - the MiniSet is not only highly capable but also likely to be highly prized, too. Tools are top-grade polished chrome, and stored in a durable molded box. The MiniSet becomes even more useful when mated with our MTD14 T-Driver. MSM1


EconoKIT M1

Your vehicle may have come with a tool kit, but its only virtue was it was free. The EconoKIT M1 allows a major upgrade in both quality and content over OEM kits, yet at a very reasonable price. Four combination wrenches, and eight-inch adjustable wrench, locking pliers, and much more permit a wide range of operations. The pouch is designed to last for the long haul. Comprehensive and capable. EKM1