"I never leave home without the Cruz Tools Stagehand Compact Tech Kit"
-Guitar World, May 2016

"These new wrenches are both L-shaped as well as extra-long, and they have a comforatable screwdriver-like handle on the end - very ergonomic...worked really well"
-Soundhole Truss Rod Wrenches inTape Op, January/February 2016

"This handy tool kit was designed for pilots on the move...All the essentials for on-the-go repairs fit neatly in CruzTOOLS' tough, roll-up pouch..."
-SPEEDKIT DMX in Flying Magazine, December 2015

"The SpeedKit JAS is what the OEM toolkit should have been in terms of content and quality."
-Wingworld, December 2015

"A combination of 14 of the most commonly required tools, neatly organized in a durable and space-efficient package...Easily stowable under your seat...serves as a favorable gadget for when you find yourself in a bind."
-Outback'r M14 in Motorcyclist, May 2015

"I have used the Speedkit many times while on the side of the road and can attest that this is money well spent."
-Hot Bike, April 2015

"With this handy, all-in-one tool kit from CruzTools, any six-stringer will be able to make pro-level adjustments on their ax in no time."
-GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit in Revolver, April/May 2015

"Everything fits into an uber-compact pouch that's ready to hit the road."
-Stagehand Tech Kit in Bass Player, March 2015

"...this affordable offering is a great foundation to a comprehensive selection to repair European and Japanese machines on the trail...the tools have a high-quality fasteners in a snug and precise manner."
-SPEEDKIT DMX in Cycle World, February 2015

"CruzTools' Speedkit series puts the essential tools you will need for likely repairs into a 7" x 2" x 2" pouch...far better than the cheap implements that do get included with motorcycles."
-SPEEDKIT DMX in Ultimate Motorcycling, November/December 2014

"Maybe it's time to lighten your load with the new GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool from CruzTOOLS..."
-DRUM! Magazine, September/October 2014

"Drums are high maintenance instruments, and they require nearly an entire toolbox to keep them in good condition..CruzTOOLS has the solution - the 13-in-1 GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool."
-Halftime Magazine, September/October 2014

"Stagehand Compact Tech kit...survival pack..."
-Premier Guitar, August 2014

"For the price, the quality of the components is impressive...A solid start toward assembling a comprehensive tool kit."
-SPEEDKIT JAS in Motorcyclist, June 2014

"The new SPEEDKIT EU ($33) from CruzTOOLS is a compact and capable kit for BMWs...Everything packs neatly into a zip-up pouch that's only about seven inches long."
-BMW Owner News, December 2013

"Cruz Tools...comes to the rescue with its most recent auxiliary kit."
-SPEEDKIT HD in Motorcycle Bagger, October 2013

"This T-handle thingy is an exhaust pipe spring tool. It saves bloody knuckles and you can make like Neil Peart by spinning it in your paw."
-SH2 Spring Hook in On Snow Magazine, September 2013

"...over the years the old tool kit in the sled gets pillaged...CruzTools has come out [with] the SpeedKit line of tools specifically created to replace your old OEM kits."
-On Snow Magazine, In-Season 2013

"CruzTOOLS emulated the basic concept of the OE kits but executed it much better, using higher-quality tools and even adding several that those factory kits never contained."
-Cycle World, May 2013

"An alternative to the traditional OEM tool kit, CruzTOOLS SPEEDKIT Compact Tool Kits cover almost all makes and models of powersports vehicles."
-American Snowmobiler, Spring 2013

"CruzTOOLS has created SPEEDKIT Compact Tool Kits for all powersports vehicles as an upgrade to OEM toolkits."
-Rider Magazine, May 2013

"A great kit with many high-quality tools for the money...I don't leave home without my H3 kit."
-RoadTech H3 in Hot bike, May 2013

"They pack so small, they're great for stashing on your bobber or chopper. You won't know that you need it until it's too late!"
-SPEEDKIT for HD in Iron Works, April 2013

"New from the moto-tool mavens at CruzTOOLS are these new SpeedKit Tool Kits that put a basic collection of tools into a small, easily stored zippered tool pouch. The SKHD version of the kit is designed specifically for Harley-Davidsons...and includes a suprisingly comprehensive assortment of wrenches and drivers..."
-Thunder Press, February 2013

"...modern BMWs could use some help with the supplied tool set...the CruzTOOLS offers a quality starting point with their RoadTech B1."
-BMW Owners News, January 2013

"The GrooveTech Standard Driver allows confident adjustment of the neck."
-Guitar World, 2013 Buyer's Guide

"Ages ago, new motorcycles often came with portable tool kits as standard equipment...but over time they've largely disappeared. CruzTOOLS not only filled this void, but the products are of excellent quality and designed to suit your particular machine."
-Penthouse, December 2012

"After deciding to tackle the Taste of Dakar Weekend earlier this year, I decided that it was high time for a new tool kit. Since my chosen mount was a BMW, I chose CruzTOOLS' RoadTech B1 kit...I'd say it was pretty cheap insurance."
-Motorcycle Consumer News, November 2012

"Many bikes don't have room for a full tool roll. The small size of the Outback'r H13 from CruzTOOLS allows it to fit under a seat or to be stashed in a tank bag."
-Motorcycle Consumer News, November 2012

"The CruzTOOLS Outback'r Folding Tool Set, a compact and versatile tool design specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, gives you a wide range of tools..."
-Iron Works, October 2012

"The CruzTOOLS GTMLT1 will handle a lot of situations."
-Bass Player, July 2012

"OEMs decided to ditch the tool kits on their bikes...which is why we packed CruzTools' RoadTech B1 kit along on our Death Valley adventure."
-Motorcycle Escape, Summer 2012

"CruzTOOLS new RoadTech B1 provides all the tools needed for any BMW model - including those with unconventional fasteners."
-BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Summer 2012

"RoadTech H3 tools absolutely don't break; every tool in the roll is solid and dependable."
-Make, Ultimate Kit Guide 2012

"The RoadTech H3 tool kit from CruzTOOLS contains an essential selection of tools..."
-Iron Works, September/October 2011

"CruzTOOLS may be able to put your toolkit on a diet with its Combo Axle Wrenches...tough enough to easily withstand my 215-pound weight when I stand on one end to loosen a tight axle nut, yet they're light and flat enough not to be a boat anchor in my fanny pack."
-Cycle World, August 2011

"The GrooveTech Jack and Pot Wrench...providing an inexpensive and invaluable tool that should find a home in every guitarist's case. This tool eliminates the possibility of doing any damage...should be in your guitar toolbox, or at least your roadies'!"
-Performer Magazine, June 2011

"The all-in-one wrenches save riders from carrying three separate tools for axle and spark plug adjustments...fits easily inside a backpack or fender bag."
-Powersports Business, May 2011

"Whether you do your own setups or the occasional string change, this is one indispensable kit...What especially impressed me was the quality of the tools..."
-M Music, March/April 2011

"The GrooveTech jack and pot wrench from CruzTOOLS makes it easy to tighten and loosen nut jacks and hard-to-reach recessed shafts and pots..."
-Guitar World, May 2011

"The [CruzTOOLS] Combo Wrenches are a clever design...Cruz promises a quality product and plenty of versatility..."
-City Bike, April 2011

"If you've ever been dismayed by the damage that cutting strings - especially bass strings - can inflict on ordinary diagonal cutters, you need to get CruzTOOLS' GrooveTech Cutters..."
-Guitar Player, November 2010

"Would you leave on a long ride without your boots? Well why would you leave without a roadside tool kit?"
-EconoKIT H2 in Iron Works, November 2010

"Inside we found everything we hoped we would never need...we are ready to fearlessly ride off to Sturgis."
-RoadTech Teardrop Review in V-Twin, September 2010

"...three socket bit sets that are high in quality but reasonable in price."
-Socket Bit Sets in Cycle World, June 2010

Selected as top ten finalist in Dealer Expo Kickstart new product contest
-Socket Bit Sets in DealerNews Show Preview, 2010

"As we all know motorcycles require both Allen and Torx wrenches when even doing the most basic of wrenching. CruzTOOLS is here to help with three variations of 3/8" drive socket bit sets..."
-Hot Bike Baggers, March 2010

"Having the right tool for the job is a must, and with a socket bit set like this in your stocking you know it will put a smile on any grown man's face."
-MX Performance, January 2010

"All these are good-quality tools packed neatly in a rugged polyester roll-up pouch."
-RoadTech B1 Tool Kit in Cycle World, June 2009

"If you ride a BMW and miss riding with the best tools on two wheels, the RoadTech B1 kit is easier and cheaper than rolling your own."
-RoadTech B1 Tool Kit in Motorcyclist Magazine, June 2009

"Pretty much everything you need to get through a gig, a recording session, a string change, or a setup…"
-GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit in Guitar Player, May 2009

"A highly functional and ultra-compact tool set"
-GrooveTech Multi-Tool in Guitar Player, April 2009

"CruzTOOLS is a name that’s become popular with motorcyclists..."
-RoadTech M3 RoadBike, April 2009

"CruzTOOLS’…can be real lifesavers in the middle of nowhere."
-RoadTech B1 in RoadRUNNER Magazine, March/April 2009

"Guitarist' Swiss Army Knife"
-GrooveTech Multi-Tool in Music Inc., February 2009

"Changing and adjusting drum heads has never been faster, easier, or more precise!"
-GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key in Tape Op, January/February 2009

"These thorough kits also include a basic maintenance guide."
-GrooveTech Guitar and Bass Player Tech Kits in Performing Songwriter, January/February 2009

"...a serious set of tools for guitar players."
-GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit in Tape Op, January/February 2009

"A really useful assembly of high-quality guitar tools in a handy package...Every guitar player should have one!"
-GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit in Performing Musician, December 2008

"This comprehensive repair kit...provides everything necessary to diagnose and repair wiring problems…"
-EconoKIT EL1 kit in ATV Magazine, May 2008

"...bring a Cruz T-handle with detachable bits out to the track with you…you’ll save space and stay organized.”
-PowerDrive Sliding T-Driver/Socket Set in Transworld Motocross Magazine, September 2008

"You won’t end up crying because you’re stuck by the side of the road if you carry the Teardrop tool kit from CruzTOOLS."
-RoadTech Teardrop in American Rider, June 2008

"...this comprehensive kit is composed of 30 well-chosen items."
-RoadTech Teardrop Tool Kit in Motorcyclist Magazine, September 2008

"The new CruzTOOLS PowerDrive Mini T-Driver is ideal for motorcycles. ..makes an excellent companion to the popular MiniSet tool kit."
-PowerDrive Mini T-Driver in RoadBike, May 2008

"...sure to be one of the staples in your tool arsenal."
-PowerDrive Sliding T-Driver/Socket Set in Quad Offroad Magazine, May 2008

"We can't even begin to tell you how much we love this ratchet set."
-MiniSet MSM1 in Dirt Wheels, December 2007

"The Road-Tech M2 tool kit has you covered with its tool assortment designed just for cruiser riders."
-Roadtech M3 Review in Motorcycle Cruiser, December 2007

"But you'll also love the mini ratchet and socket set, handy items to have when you're stranded miles from home."
-Roadtech H3 Review in Iron Works, December 2007

"Everying seems to go better when you have sweet tools to work on stuff with."
-MTD14 Mini T-Driver in Sno-X, November 2007

"Replace your OEM excuse for a tool kit with the new CruzTools RoadTech M3, specifically designed for metric bikes."
-Feature in Sport Rider, November 2007

"All the tools you'll need for trailside repairs fit perfectly into this $99.95 fender pack. How do we know? They're already in there. The pack mounts to your bike's rear fender. Put it on your bike and thank yourself the first time it saves your day."
-DMX2 in Dirt Rider, May 2007

"So to our thinking the RoadTech H3 improves the functionality of both the EconoKIT and the MiniSet, and is very close to being the perfect road trip tool bag."
-Review of RoadTech H3 in Thunder Press, February 2007

"...the MiniSet has proven itself valuable in a lot of situations, allowing me to get a ratchet into places I never thought possible...The miniature ratchet driver is elegantly machined and remarkably sturdy, which is nothing less than we've come to expect from CruzTOOLS..."
-Review of MiniSET in Thunder Press, February 2007

"If you've been cruisin' for a while, the name CruzTools is probably in your vocabulary....The MiniSet can accomplish maxi tasks."
-Review of MiniSET in Cruising Rider, September 2006

"The ratchet is an especially cool little piece..."
-Review of MiniSET in Cycle World, October 2006

"The tools are heavily plated, one might even say jewel-like....I've come to expect a lot from Cruz, and as usual, it has delivered."
-Review of MiniSET in Motorcycle Cruiser, August 2006

"This ultra-cool mini mechanic-grade tool set from CruzTOOLS contains just what you need to keep motoring down the road."
-Review of MiniSET MSHD1 in Hot Bike, June 2006

"The rectangular shaft is sturdy enough to withstand any tugging or yanking you're likely to inflict, and the PVC-coated handle gives you hand ample gription."
-Review of MaxHook SH2 in Cycle World, June 2006

"[the content selection] shows just how much attention to detail Dan Parks and his crew have put into this American bike-specific kit...and "mini" refers to the price, too."
-Review of MiniSET MSHD1 in American Rider, June 2006

"...CruzTOOLS did its homework when outfitting this 5040-denier nylon fanny of the most lower-back-friendly tool haulers I've ever strapped on. So it was a must for any trip, accompanying me whether dual-sporting in California or exploring rocky West Virginia trails...for $79.95 the DMX1 is a bargain..."
-Review of DMX in ATV Rider, April 2006

"The TirePro is quite accurate compared to other high-quality gauges...for $16.95 it's a pretty hard item to pass up." Earned rating of 93, out of 100
-Review of TirePro Dial Tire Gauge in Dirt Rider, April 2006

"For under 80 dollars this has to be the deal of the decade. We use it, we rely on it and don't leave the office without it."
-Feature of DMX in Dirt Bike, November 2005

"...CruzTOOLS T-Driver with Socket Set will be one of the handiest items in your toolkit."
-Feature in Racer X, September 2005

"At $26.95 with a vinyl pouch, CruzTOOLS' set is a screaming deal for some of the most useful tools a motorcylist can own."
-PowerDrive Sliding T-Driver feature in Motorcyclist, August 2005

"...quality and finish is world class. If you want the very best, you ought to check out the CruzTOOLS line."
-Review of Compact American and Outback'r H13 in American Iron, July 2005

"What do I think of the DMX Fanny Pack, you're wondering? Well, I hope CruzTOOLS isn't planning for me to send it back."
-Review of DMX in Cycle World, June 2005

"Probably the best part of the DMX is the fanny bag itself...In summary this is a very well thought-out quality product."
-Review of DMX in Inside Motorcycles, March 2005

"Specifically designed for motorcyclists, this tough little unit offers a strategic selection of tools without the extraneous knives, scissors or other general-purpose gadgets found on most multi-tools...We recommend the M14"
-Review of Outback'r M14 in Motorcycle Consumer News, February 2005

"A new addition to CruzTOOLS' PowerDrive line is the Sliding T-Driver with Socket Set...dazzling in polished chrome"
-Feature in Cycle World, October 2004

"The CruzTOOLS tool kit strategy of putting well-chosen essentials into convenient packages reaches the extreme with the irresistible new Outback'R H13."
-"Partz" section of The Thunder Press, September 2003

"The American Teardrop slid into the Paughco [teardrop tool] box like a hand in a tailored glove."
-Feature in Hot Bike, August 2003

"We've considered CruzTOOLS' EconoKIT tool kits for motorcycles among the most complete carry-on tool kits on the market...and now even better...take along the EconoKIT H1 as a riding partner."
-Review in Iron Works, August 2003

"Where does Dan Parks get these wonderful toys? I've yet to see a CruzTOOLS product that didn't exceed my expectations. And his latest creation, the Outback'r, is everything I expected and more."
-Review in RoadBike, June 2003

"The carbon steel CruzTOOLS Outback'r M14 will take care of any small job you're likely to face out in the a price that will keep you wallet fat and happy."
-Review in 4 Wheel ATV Action, January 2003

" invention is helping us reduce clutter: the CruzTOOLS Outback'r M14...Amazing."
-Feature in Racer X, November 2002

"Here's a tool that'll ease your burden and impress your tool-nut riding pals...For a paltry $19.95, the Outback'r completes your original-equipment tool kit in a package that fits in the palm of your hand...We have used the Outback'r extensively and are happy to report that the imported tool works very well, thanks...much tougher than the OE junk."
-Tool Crib column in MotorCyclist, November 2002

"What will $20 buy you these days? An Outback'r M14, that's what!"
-CW Spotlight in Cycle World, October 2002

"...Of course we had to put two of our favorite tools inside: CruzTOOLS Pack Wrench, a three-way T-style wrench with 8, 10, and 12mm sockets..."
-Editorial in Sport Rider, August 2002

"For $24.95, the TRK1 Tire Pro Kit will give you peace of mind when the trail gets nasty. We rate it as a suitable alternative to carrying a lot of small CO2 bottles."
-TirePro Tire Repair Kit evaluation in Dirt Wheels, May 2002

"The Ultimate Tool Kit"
-EconoKIT M1 and PackWrench featured as basis of ATV tool kit in Outdoor Life, May 2002

"Harley-Davidson motorcycles are mostly ready to roll right off the assembly line, but one serious omission is a factory tool kit. Correct this oversight with one of these new EconoKIT H1 or H2 tool sets from CruzTOOLS."
-New product section in Motorcycle Product News, March 2002

"The cool thing about this tool is it uses your motor's compression instead of CO2 cylinders to inflate the tire."
-TirePro Kit in new product section of Biker, March 2002

"Under six inches long, it's perfect for the fanny pack and does minimal hurt to your wallet at $14.95."
-PackWrench 3-Way Wrench review in Dirt Rider, February 2002

"There's no question it's durable, and we worked it pretty hard. It's hard to find fault with something so simple that works so well."
-PackWrench 3-Way Wrench review in 4-Wheel ATV Action, February 2002

"CruzTOOLS is one of those companies run by a total wrench-head, so it's no surprise to see slick tools in its catalog. We've been using the company's PowerDrive Sliding T-Sockets for a while now and we've begun to wonder why this set hasn't been in the box all along...Another tool in CruzTOOLS catalog that's well suited for stashing in your bike's tool kit is the PackWrench...Barely larger than the palm of your hand, this tool should be in your traveling kit. Heck, at $14.95, buy two and keep one in the shop."
-Tool Crib column in MotorCyclist, December 2001

"We found the kit to contain useful items and quality tools that can really get you out of a jam...Use it one time and it's paid for itself."
-EL-1 Electrical kit review in American Rider, Nov./Dec. 2001

"Your tool box isn't complete without a set of T-handles...and it's even less complete if they aren't Cruz T-handles. Cruz Tools T-handles are a cut above the rest...The fit and feel of the Cruz T-handles is top notch thanks to cold-forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium sockets."
-T-Socket review in Motocross Action, September 2001

"These bad boys from the fellas at Cruz Tools are extra cool. Why? The handles aren't welded onto the socket shaft, and as a result, they can be slid to either side for extra leverage. These things rule!"
-T-Socket Product feature in Transworld Motocross, September 2001

"The tool pouches, made of 1000 denier Cordura Plus with self-repairing zippers, are the best I've seen...I found the CruzMetrix kit to be a well thought-out product, an essential accessory for most European and Japanese makes and models of motorcycles..."
-Product review in CC Motorcycle NewsMagazine, July 2000

"If the Swiss army rode Harleys, this would be their tool kit...This tool is a good idea and at $14.99 it's a good deal."
-Folding Hex/Torx Key set in Partz section of Thunder Press, July 2000

"You wanna be prepared, but you can't justify $75 (or more) for a quality, portable toolkit. Enter CruzTOOOLS' new EconoKITs...Worth every penny."
-Gearbox section of MotorCyclist, August 2000

"If you purchased a used sled that had no tools in it, or you are looking to upgrade or replace the inferior stock tool kit, or you want to build a supplementary kit for group touring, take a look at the CruzTOOLS SN-1 Snowmobile Tool Kit. This is the best of its type that we've found yet."
-Product review in Snowmobiling On The Trail, March 2000

"Any motorcycle's tool kit can be complemented with a CruzTOOLS (888/909-8665, tool kit. We like this CruzMetrix kit, which is stocked with high-quality stuff."
-Sport touring sidebar in Sport Rider, February 2000

"If you have ever attempted to check for spark by holding a plug wire or plug to the head, you know this can be difficult, and the chance of getting shocked is high. The Got Spark Ignition Tester makes this test fast, efficient, safe and easy."
-Product review of GotSpark in Iron Works, December 1999

"During our testing we stopped for numerous small adjustments and some jetting changes. Each time the pack had everything we needed." (DirtPak rated 9 out of 10)
-Product review of DirtMetrix in Dirt Rider, October 1999

"Overall, it is a good starter kit and, at $109.95, costs just a shade under what you would pay if you went out and bought everything yourself...This fanny pack was really designed with a motorcyclist in mind."
-Product review of DirtMetrix in Motorcycle Consumer News, July 1999

"Imagine the gleam in my eyes when the CruzTOOLS ValueMetrix tool kit slid across my desk and into my sticky little fingers...In the final analysis, the tools provided are top shelf. This tool kit is well thought out and includes a logical assortment...In short, it's a good deal."
-Product review in Motorcycle Tour and Cruiser, July 1999

"Once in a while a simple, yet useful, tool comes across the table here at our offices for evaluation. One such tool is the Got Spark ignition circuit tester...helped us cut down our diagnosis time considerably."
-Product review in Hot Bike, July 1999

"We tried it. We liked it. Buy one."
-Product review of GotSpark in Motorcycle Consumer News, May 1999

"Overall, we rate the CruzTOOLS Pouch as an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to assemble their own tool selection for serious trail riding or just general trail riding."
-Product review in Snowmobiling On The Trail, March 1999

"If I've yammered on, it's because the difference between the ordinary tool kit and this one merits it...It blows the competition into the weeds. Buy one."
-Product review in Motorcycle Times, May/June 1998

"So I popped the CruzTOOLS out, unbolted the seat and plugged the wiring harness back in...But without the tools, I would have been stuck. My toolkit is my friend."
-Editorial in Hot Bike, March 1998

"Upon first blush, the CruzMetrix kit is a complete, top-grade assembly of implements housed in a sturdy, zip-up Cordura case...Hell, we loved the set, or hadn't you gathered?"
-Product test in MotorCyclist, March 1998

"The four open-end wrenches are by Armstrong and appear to be the same or better quality chromed steel than a professional mechanic would buy at so-much-a-week from his Mac Tool man...Top quality screwdriver...hex wrenches obviously superior to the allen sets you see at most parts houses. All in all, I must admit that I was impressed with the CruzMetrix kit. Even after I saw that it carries a suggested retail price of $119.95."
-Product Review in Motorcycle Performance, October 1997

"Overall, the quality of the tools and the completeness of the CruzMetrix kit, make it an ideal item to put in your saddlebag for your next long trip"
-Product evaluation in Motorcycle Cruiser, October 1997

"After extensive use/abuse of the kit, I find that the quality of the materials and workmanship put into the product is unmatched, and would recommend this to any Harley owner who puts plenty of accessories and/or serious miles on his bike."
-Product report of Great American Tool Kit in Motorcycle Consumer News, September 1997

"The CruzMetrix metric tool kit retails for $119.95 and is an excellent idea that works well for roadside repairs and adjustments or even home shop use. They will also prevent cheap-tool injuries and modernize your bike from top to bottom."
-Product evaluation in American Road Racing, September 1997

"Before you hit the road on the Harley this summer, you'll want a tool kit, and probably can't do better than the Great American Tool Kit from CruzTOOLS."
-New product section of Motorcycle Cruiser, June 1997

"This handy little collection of turners, twisters and grippers from CruzTOOLS is called the SoftKIT, and it's made specifically to fit the teardrop-style toolbox on Softails."
-Motormart section of Big Twin, February-March 1997

"The first thing I noticed was the high-quality tools filling the is a nice, all-inclusive kit that takes the guesswork out of putting together your own roadside repair kit."
-Product evaluation in American Iron, January 1997

"...the quality contents were chosen from among the most respected names in professional tools..."
-HotStuff section of IronWorks, August 1996

"It is a rare event when a good quality, well thought out kit crosses our desk. CruzTOOLS sent us the Great American Tool Kit last month and marked such an event. excellent set..."
-Product evaluation in Hot Bike, November 1996

"...offers the most complete on-the-road tool kit for Harleys we've seen for sale anywhere."
-Motormart section of Big Twin, Fall 1996

" of the highest quality motorcycle tool kits that we've found. All-in-all, the Great American Tool Kit is hard to fault."
-Product evaluation in The Thunder Press, May 1996