NEWS FLASH! We've just introduced our new Pilot's Tool Kit. Look for more information soon, but in the meantime see our 2015 catalog.

Nearly twenty years ago, we introduced our first tool kit for Harley-Davidsons. More tools and tool kits for motorcycles soon followed. In 2007, we launched the GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit and the musician tool lineup has continued to expand.

Some may find our dual focus a bit odd, but it really isn't. We ride and play, and thus understand the needs of motorcyclists and musicians. Besides, it's not unusual to find riders who play music and vice versa.

One thing that hasn't changed since CruzTOOLS was founded: our commitment to providing absolutely dependable products to highly satisfied customers.

Hand tools are lifetime guaranteed, but we operate to a higher standard. Because when you need tools, you really need them, and that's when you'll decide whether you love us or hate us. We want the former, and judging from your feedback we're on the right track.

What's New?

For motorcyclists, check out our new SPEEDKIT series of compact tool kits. They're designed to fit into most OEM storage cavities, yet deliver CruzTOOLS quality and dependability. You can check out the metric versions here, and H-D version here.

It was high time to show a little love to drummers, so we've introduced the GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool with considerable capability despite its diminutive stature.

Put Us To The Test

...and join the legion of satisfied customers who place their trust in CruzTOOLS. Thank you for your business!